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Frequently Asked Questions

Why personalize your postcards to your targeted market?

Studies show that response rates for relevant, personalized mailings increase by up to 275% for only about 25% more expense.

What exactly is One-to-One Marketing?

One-to-One Marketing is the ability to leverage existing databases to create promotional materials with information, data or pictures that speak to the individual recipient.
I cover all my bases when we mail, but still we miss the mark-why?
42-50% of mail recipients don't respond to the message because they are uncomfortable using your response mechanism and the message probably doesn't scream one-to-one!
BPI Direct can offer PURL technology that allows for relevant, personalized communications through the Internet via personalized URL's which are convenient response options.

What can you offer me that my current vendor doesn't?

Most of the vendors today can not offer Marketing solutions that can show you return on investment of your "Marketing Spend." BPI Direct offers solutions that not only track, but measure results during a Cross-Media Marketing campaign that can be adjusted in "real time".

What does it mean when I am told that you provide "audits" to your prospective clients at no charge?

We provide a complimentary review of your print and promotional items purchased to determine ordering patterns, pricing economies, and suggested procurement guidelines to be implemented in the future. We believe that we can recommend program enhancements that may save significant time and money like we did last year for 1 client to the tune of $240,000!
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