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Secure Sleeve - ID Theft Protection

ELECTRONIC PICKPOCKETING – The next level of Identity Theft

Electronic Pickpocketing is more invasive than you know. Chips embedded in credit cards, drivers licenses & passports can be read from a distance by handheld scanning devices.
Secure Sleeve
helps protect you from the lastest credit card security threat to that is rapidly sweeping the country...

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is technology that allows you to wave or tap your credit card close to an RFID reader to make an instant payment. RFID chips are embedded into your credit card. These chips contain all of the information about your account.

While this technology makes life easy….along with this technology comes the ability for thieves to “skim” your identification. Identity thieves can literally take a stroll in the park and steal all of your personal data without you ever knowing!

A growing number of States (New York, Michigan, Washington and Vermont, to name a few) are now issuing special driver’s licenses enhanced with long range RFID chips. Enhanced Driver’s Licenses (EDL’s) can be scanned from your wallet, while you are still in your car. They make travel across the border a little easier and unwanted invasion of your privacy much more convenient.

We sell the retail version of this product from $3.50 - $5.00 each.

For as little as 25 cents/each you can order your own supply of sleeves with your logo prominently displayed on the front & contact information on the back.
Your customers & prospects will love the value of receiving these sleeves. Every time they open their wallet or purse they see your brand, reminding them that YOUR company provided this protection.
For more information on ordering your custom sleeves contact securesleeves@bpidirect.net or call 800-796-7969.

More Information about RFID Readers
These RFID readers can be freely purchased and attached to a laptop with very little technical knowledge required. Smartphones are now being produced with built in readers that can steal your information. By simply walking past you a thief can skim your identity. Even your picture.

The use of RFID tagging in identifications extends far beyond payment cards. Currently many corporations are using contactless cards to maintain security in their buildings. The RFID enabled ID cards posses a huge threat to that security. Hackers use RFID readers to scan and copy ID cards., cloning the cards and gaining access to secure areas..

The U.S Government recognized this threat many years ago and issued a Federal mandate. Because of federal mandate HSPD-12, all government agencies are required to switch to a new ID card that uses RFID. This mandate also requires all government employees keep these new ID cards in an RFID blocking sleeve or badgeholder. Passports issued since October 2006 also have RFID chips in them.


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